Welcome to Karma Kure

Welcome to the Karma Kure project!

Karma Kure is a humanitarian project with the purpose of bringing people together that share the same mindset, which is love, unity and living together in a community. The community will be totally abundant and self-providing.

We all grew up in a 3D system and with the ascension to the new 5D Earth, we all have the feeling to come closer to each other and to nature.
The project will exist of getting a piece of land to build a Healing Center, both physical and spiritual healings will take place there.

Also we will create multiple worlds on Karma Kure where we will elevate your energy, frequency and vibration, by taking you to incredible places, through sound and visuals.

What is it going to look like: Think of swimming pools, healing spa’s, Healing Treatments (Nature based and Spirit based), healing through food or through dancing. Reggae music, psychedelic trance and other high-vibration music stages will be set up. Stages/Worlds like: Tree Hut Village, Q Anon Phenomenon World, Cave World and other ideas will be built which will go beyond your imagination!

Our goal is to take every known, and perhaps yet to be discovered, step for each person to independently become as close to nature as possible. For example, completely natural products will be used throughout Karma Kure wherever and whenever possible. Karma Kure will be totally accessible 365 days a year, completely free of charge, to any and all who wish to join us.

Shop owners of food shops, clothing and spiritual causes will also be available where you can buy anything needed for your meditation and healing purposes.

Karma Kure is a true “humanitarian project” from its conception to its realization. In addition to being a magnet for people who seek absolute truth, Karma Kure is also an unrestricted outlet for people with healing powers, spiritual powers, and ancient knowledge. Especially those with such powers and knowledge who wish to share for the benefit of others We want to take care of the traumas that we as humans all go through, one way or another, and heal these traumas in every possible way.

We will incorporate incredible technology throughout Karma Kure for a multitude of purposes; technology invented by Nicola Tesla. In particular, inventions described within 6000 soon-to-be-disclosed patents filed by Tesla himself. Patents that have thus far been hidden from the Human race by an evil that is no longer in control of anything and is being methodically and completely eradicated from our reality.

Karma Kure is an organization that exists solely because of your generous support. We cannot do it without you! We are all inspired by what is happening at Karma Kure and we warmly welcome you to join us. The Incredible Healing Process involves bringing our minds, our souls, our essence, back to the Source Creator which is ultimately what it’s all about. At Karma Kure, it is available to all without exception.

Thank you for your donations to the Karma Kure Crowdfunding Campaign! We sincerely appreciate your support.

Also make sure to check out the rest of the website where you’ll find loads of information-packed videos which open all eyes even further.

From all of us at Karma Kure; we hope to see you soon.

Danny Karma

Karma Kure Team